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We assist businesses and corporate clients with bespoke employee benefits and value-added products, including the analysis, design, implementation, management and ongoing administration of group risk schemes and retirement funds

By extension, the Celagenix® Group offers a wide range of corporate services that underpin our employee benefits offering, inter alia providing guidance and assistance to corporate clients of Celagenix® on complex organisational issues, growth and development strategies, and tactical innovation-led transformation.

How we help clients

01.Employee benefits structuring

  • Pension Funds
  • Provident Funds
  • Group Retirement Annuity Funds
  • Group Risk Schemes
  • Beneficiary Funds
  • Group Funeral Schemes
  • Group Medical Aid Schemes
  • Value-added products and services

02.Succession plans

  • Risk benefits assessments
  • Fund and scheme evaluation and benchmark comparisons
  • Member induction sessions and exit interviews
  • Member communication and group meetings
  • Annual review and reconciliation of funds and schemes
  • Employer Fund Steering Committee compliance support
  • Coordination of Fund Investment strategies via contracted professional Asset Consultants and/or Fund Managers
  • Personal financial advice and assistance in the event of the death, disability, retirement, resignation, or retrenchment of members

03.Turnkey fund administration


  • Collected from Employer or independently from multiple points
  • Rules and policy mapped into system for compliance
  • Premiums grouped as requested (e.g. by participating employers, regions, etc.)
  • Management of cash flow in bank account and transfers to investment managers in line with policy/strategy
  • Reconciliation of membership e.g. exits, new entrants, underwriting

Record maintenance and underwriting management

  • System is driven by contributions process e.g. exits, new entrants, salary changes etc.
  • Full access for employers and bargaining council to EPIC platform for contribution reconciliation and claims management via web
  • Full underwriting management and Section 37C capability
  • Ongoing data integrity checking to maintain accuracy, track trends and proactively manage any challenges that may arise

Claims management

  • Proactive approach – liaising with providers and other stakeholders for accurate claims experience and claim tracking
  • Claims lodged via online portal by employers or bargaining council
  • Assessment of claims for admission or rejection and allocation of admitted claims for processing. This includes Section 37C investigations for death benefits and medical investigations for disability cases.
  • Cases presented to identified committee for deliberation and resolution

Fund accounting

  • Full fund accounting service included in service offering
  • Management of cash flow and adhering to investment strategy
  • Monthly management accounts and quarterly reporting provided
  • Liaising with actuarial and administration teams
  • Facilitation of audit and preparation of financials

Comprehensive reporting

  • Periodic reporting as agreed with Employer or Consultant
  • Reporting focus areas include inter alia:
    • Fund accounting includes income and expenses
    • Membership Information
    • Underwriting Management
    • Claims Management
  • Tracking of trends to assist with informed decision making

Easy-to-use web interface with built-in validation that allows inter alia the following:

  • Upload of schedules
  • Initiation of claims
  • Checking member ID against whole data base to avoid duplications
  • Validating bank information
  • Validating static data
  • Maximum automation with the Employer

04.Member Communication

  • Digital benefit statements
  • On-site self-service kiosks with advanced facial recognition capabilities
  • Dedicated call centre
  • WhatsApp
  • Online live chat
  • Chat bots
  • Email support
  • USSD channel

05.Member Education and Communication

  • Dedicated training teams and a state-of-the-art training centre to educate and train employers
  • Holistic fund-specific approach
  • Focused on financial wellness
  • Educational videos
  • Gamified rewards system
  • Engaging content
  • Communication and correspondence in native languages