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Celagenix® Financial Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of Celagenix® Holdings (Pty) Ltd, a global group of seasoned professionals, accomplished entrepreneurs, and dynamic innovators with a passion for detecting, anticipating, and ultimately, leveraging the opportunities (and threats) that a rapidly changing world presents.

The overarching mission of Celagenix® is to help create businesses of distinction by advising leaders, executives and business owners on innovative ways to achieve optimal levels of governance, unlock the high-impact potential of their businesses, and leverage change to accelerate progress.

By extension, Celagenix® Financial Services, our financial consulting entity that serves both individuals and businesses, has a highly qualified team of advisors and a vast network of experienced professionals, with backgrounds in multiple disciplines including financial planning, investment management, tax planning, corporate finance, pension funds, legal services, and strategy consulting.

Our value proposition is differentiated by the multidisciplinary expertise of our staff, our all-round digital proficiency, and the flexibility to adapt and scale our processes, pricing and solutions in accordance with the preferences of our clients and the ever-changing global socioeconomic landscape. 

As a valued client of Celagenix® Financial Services, you will not only benefit from partnering with one of the most forward-looking, independent financial consulting firms in Africa, but also be compensated for your business and rewarded for your loyalty, a first in financial advisory services.


Simply navigate to the service/s that you are interested in to read more. Once you have a broad idea of our offering and how we can assist, you can either –

book a free 45-minute online fact find with one of our qualified consultants,

or direct your enquiry to our finance hub for further assistance

During our first engagement, we will broadly talk about your needs, objectives, and priorities, and show you examples of our world-class analyses and reports. We will then send you more information about our Service Offering together with a Service Request and accompanying compliance documentation, which we use to define the scope of work and capture your preferences. A Work Order Quotation will be drafted accordingly, depending on the type of services to be delivered. If you are satisfied with our proposition, we will sign a Service Level Agreement to lock in our commitment to you.

Our goal is to craft and co-create solutions capable of improving the quality of life and financial wellbeing of our individual clients and the staff members of our corporate clients, and to empower and reward them on their journey to becoming financially fit.

We are standing by to receive your meeting request.

No frills. Just convenience.


Because we strive for service excellence in everything we do, we expect nothing less than the highest levels of professional excellence from our staff members, representatives and associates. Our qualified advisors and financial planners are required to abide by our globally recognised process that incorporates international best practice, the latest financial legislation, and continuous professional development.

Your Celagenix® Financial Services advisor will work with you to define and achieve your financial, lifestyle -and business objectives, as applicable. Whether you have individual or corporate needs, we can develop high-quality financial plans and solutions that are not only tailored to your needs but also flexible enough to adapt to your changing circumstances.

What our standard process involves:

Virtual / In-person Introduction

Digital Onboarding and Data Capturing

Goal Setting and Prioritisation

Interpretation and Analysis

Financial Plan Design

Precision Implementation

Ongoing Monitoring and Review

Rewards and Loyalty Benefits

*Subject to the Package and/or Service/s selected


Just like we tailor-make solutions by bundling from a wide range of professional services and financial products, we also offer different pricing structures to accommodate your needs. Choose from several pricing options, combine them for additional legroom, or let our experts tailor a package exclusively for you or your business.

Our private wealth service is available to affluent individuals with diversified assets, unique investment needs and complex lifestyle, family and/or business objectives, who need the ongoing dedication and involvement of a panel of finance professionals.

Simply tell us what you need, and we will do the rest!

Why the different pricing options?

We believe that operational agility should ultimately translate into cost savings, which is why we invested a substantial amount of our resources into technology and innovation to provide our clients with new generation financial services and FinTech solutions at a fraction of the cost of traditional advice. Being driven by digital doesn’t mean that we overlook the value of human interaction or sacrifice on the quality of our service. It only means that we found ways to do more for less.

How our costing differs from the Industry Standard

For starters, we give you several, flexible pricing options instead of driving our compensation to the highest “allowable limits” or “regulated commission”. Secondly, we disclose it in an understandable manner to help you make informed decisions. Thirdly, we are motivated by the value the we can add, not by the fees or commission that we can earn, which is why we lock in expectations prior to embarking on our journey with our clients. Yes we need to grow as an organisation and take care of our employees, but the benefit of being driven by digital is that we don’t have to push overheads through to our clients. Instead, we can focus on service excellence and superior all-round performance.


A new, all-round digital financial consulting experience, delivered to you in the comfort of your home or office by seasoned finance professionals with decades of experience. All you need is to be switched on!

  • World-class financial planning and advice, geared around service excellence and innovative product design.
  • Secure, online meetings, annual reviews, contract facilitation and record keeping.
  • Access to online assessments, evaluations, and surveys on our CelaAudit® Platform, a Celagenix® Digital Solutions product*.
  • The ability to cherry-pick or bundle services from our entire range for a truly bespoke solution.
  • The flexibility to choose from various pricing options, agreed upon prior to delivering any service to you.
  • The security of entrusting your business to an authorised and fully compliant financial services provider in terms of the FAIS Act.
  • Rewards for loyalty and ongoing participation in our continuous knowledge improvement (CKI) activities*.
  • Insightful articles, blog posts, newsletters, and FAQs to keep you informed and empowered*.
  • Webinars, interviews, and educational inserts by leading experts and professionals in the field, proudly hosted by the Celagenix Corporate Academy.
  • Access to our secure, online client portal where you can store, view, and retrieve all your financial documents, under our custodianship*.

*Where included in our agreement

WHY Celagenix® Financial Services?


Celagenix® Financial Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of Celagenix® Holdings, a professional services group that comprises six global consulting entities. This level of diversification mitigates the risk of 'pressure selling' products at the expense of clients. We don't sell anything, period. We only get compensated for what we deliver.


We operate a new generation business model, utilising the latest technology and proprietary tools in our solutioning, which makes us more effective in our core areas of expertise, and more dedicated to serving our clients with excellence.


Apart from offering our clients flexible, affordable access to the wealth of experience and expertise of our finance professionals and business advisors, we also leverage the resources and expertise from our other consulting entities to craft the best and most rewarding solutions for our clients.

Whether you have a personal or business financial need, we have the personal or business solution for you.

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